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The Coming LNG Export Boom - And the Companies That Will Profit
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These are the only LNG stocks you need to get ahead...

U.S. LNG exports are about to skyrocket - and these four companies will profit handsomely, as a result.

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Bottom Line
Soon, the U.S. will be exporting as much as 100 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas per year, compared to a small fraction of that now.

That's key because natural gas prices are about $10 per cubic foot in Europe and as high as $20 per cubic foot in Asia, compared to just $3 per cubic foot in the United States.

So when the release valve opens and U.S. LNG exports are unleashed on the rest of the world, the profits are going to come roaring in.

Make no mistake, natural gas prices may be low now, but the export boom is coming. And once it does, these four stocks will shoot markedly higher.